The use of the trampoline is a healthy hobby for the body and the mind. As with other sports, there is always a risk of injury, so you have to practice it safely.

To minimize this risk, without spoiling the fun of the trampoline, we have established some guidelines that it is imperative to respect.


Know the rules of the game and follow the instructions of the KOJUMP team. The team explains the risk of injury and asks you to sign a waiver in which you declare knowing the rules of the game and the risks of jumping on trampoline.


Supervision and prevention by the team Kojump, control using a system of surveillance cameras inside the complex.


The practice of a jump in trampoline presents little danger thanks to the continuous supervision of our team.

Our trampolines meet the highest safety standards, our coaches are well trained and our trampolines are of excellent quality.

Of course, jumpers must follow the rules and must follow the instructions of the supervisors. Unfortunately, we can not eliminate all risks. All sports and leisure activities carry a risk of injury.